Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012


Sistematika mempergunakan mikroskop dengan benar

A.  Hold the arm of the microscope with one of your hands, while your other hand holds the base. Place the    microscope on a flat-surfaced table with its arm right in front of you.
B.   Turn the revolving nosepiece until you hear a “click”; adjust the position of the lowest magnification objective lens until it reaches the middle position of the stage.
C.   Adjust the position of the mirror to get the brightest light; make sure by looking  through the ocular lens.
D.  Turn the diaphragm to get as much light as possible.
E.   Turn the coarse adjustment knob to lower down the tube of microscope until objective lens reaches      1 cm above the stage.
F.    Put the specimen on the stage. Arrange it so that the position of the certain part observed is in the middle of the hole of the stage. Then clip the slide using stage clips.
G.  Look from the side and turn the coarse adjustment knob to slightly lower the tube so the objective lens nearly  touch the slide  (the distance is       0.5 cm).
H.  While looking through the ocular lens, turn the fine adjusment  knob to raise the tube slowly until the specimen can be clearly seen. If the position of the specimen is not accurate yet, slowly shift the slide until you find the right position.
I.      In order to observe a certain part of the specimen clearer, use a greater magnification lens. Turn the revolving nosepiece to change the low magnification objective lens with a greater one.

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